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Fujitsu Training Academy for Airstage systems provides training on the design, installation, start-up, commissioning and troubleshooting of Fujitsu Heat Pump and Heat Recovery VRF systems. In addition to product and application, the attendee learns the function and operation of the systems and their components. Hands on labs involve each attendee using the actual system controls, the Design Simulator software and Service Tool. Details are provided on System Controller, System Controller lite, energy manager and Web Monitoring software. Significant time is provided during each section for answering attendees questions.

Course Agenda

1.     RAIT Training is a pre-requisite for attending the 2 Day Airstage Training. Topics covered include:

Installation basics

·         V-II Heat Pump Quick Installation Guide - Outdoor unit and pipe

·         V-II Heat Pump Quick Installation Guide - Electrical and transmission

·         Introduction to systems & controls

·         Installation core & safety

·         Piping

·         Electrical & control wiring

·         Controls installation

·         Onsite settings HP-HR

·         Evacuation & charging procedures

·         Intro to Service Tool

2.     Factory 2 Day Airstage Training
The 2 Day in Depth Training is held at Fujitsu’s Airstage Training Facilities.
Topics covered include:

Day 1: Installation & Settings

·         Safety review

·         Equipment location and refrigerant piping

·         Heat Pump and Heat Recovery operation

·         Hands-on component identification lab

·         Line voltage and control wiring

·         On-site settings

·         DIP and rotary switch settings

·         Hands-on address settings lab

·         Function settings

·         Hands-on function settings lab

Day 2: Start-up & Commissioning

·         Touch panel remote control installation

·         Central and touch panel group controllers

·         Hands-on group controllers lab

·         V-II and VR-II systems operation

·         Service tool

·         Hands-on service tool navigation lab

·         Pre-Comm, Commissioning and Start up

·         Hands-on commissioning lab

·         System protections


Who Should Attend?
Fujitsu Training Academy courses are for Sales Reps, Contractors, Distributors, Architects and Engineers. In order to attend the Factory 2 Day Airstage Training, students must take a RAIT prerequisite training course hosted by your local rep or distributor (please check our Fujitsu portal for more info.)

A minimum of one “project supervisor” from a Distributor and primary Contractor / Sub-Contractor must complete the listed training for project qualification for extended warranty.

Contractor and Sub-Contractor personally
responsible for onsite rigging, installation,
pipefitting and communications and controls installation MUST attend an in-person regional installation course.


Contact your Rep or Regional Airstage Distributor to sign up for class.


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