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Outside Air Unit
BTU/h Model Number


72,000 AAUA72TLAV
96,000  AAUA96TLAV 

The outdoor air unit efficiently processes the outdoor air for cooling and heating and supplies 100% fresh air into a room.

One VRF system can provide air conditioning and air supply at the same time.

Outdoor Air Unit can be connected in a same VRF*1 system as other VRF indoor units and can create fresh and comfortable air supply together using our high advanced technology.
*1 V-II, VR-II

High energy savings and flexible duct design by using a DC motor

Greatly reduces electricity consumption by adopting permanent magnet compared to when using an AC motor.

Compared with an AC motor, changing the speed allows it to respond flexibly to the external static pressure from 0.20 to 0.96 in. WG. (50Pa to 240Pa). Even if damper equipment is not used, static pressure can be adjusted and duct design is easy.

Static pressure can be set easily using the wired remote controller.


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