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Flexible Design:
    Long Piping Length
  High Static Pressure
  Wide Operating Range

Long Piping Length of 3,280 ft.

High Static Pressure 

The outdoor unit can have a condenser hood easily connected with a static pressure of .32 in.WG / 80Pa standard. This allows outdoor units to be installed within mechanical rooms in high rise buildings.

Large diameter fan and DC motor has been used allowing an external static pressure of
.32 in.WG / 80Pa.

Wide Operating Range

Installation in wide temperature conditions is possible due to an increase in operational range.

5F~115F (-15C~46C)*
-4F~70F (-20C~21C)

* Note : When a multiple outdoor system
is used, operating range is from
23F to 115F (-5C to 46C) in cooling.

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