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  Energy Efficiency:
  Energy Saving Technology
Room Temperature Set Point Limitation
    Peak Cut Operation
    Economy Operation
    Auto-Off Timer

Energy Saving Technology Increases Efficiency

Room Temperature Set Point Limitation 

The minimum and maximum temperature range can be set providing energy savings while considering the comfort of the occupants.


Peak Cut Operation

To reduce peak demand charges, this function sets a maximum value (maximum average power) for the entire air conditioning system during specified peak periods. Consumption is monitored using a field-installed power meter. During a Peak Cut condition, the heating or cooling delivered to each indoor unit will be adjusted by: shifting indoor set temperature, applying a forced off function to specified units, or by stopping the entire system.

Economy Operation

Economy operation can be set by remote controller.  The temperature setting is offset automatically over a certain period of time.


Auto-off Timer 

Each remote controller is equipped with an OFF timer function that automatically stops operation when a fixed time has elapsed from the start of operation. This prevents waste of energy. (Note: Except simple remote controller)

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