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There are many applications for Airstage VRF systems including such markets as education, healthcare, hospitality, utilities, office buildings, apartment buildings, condominiums, and restaurants.

Click on an application below to read about how Airstage VRF systems could be the perfect solution to a building's heating and cooling needs.  (Coming Soon)

In a school, an investment in VRF is an investment in your community. VRF is more efficient than conventional systems, providing financial savings to the school for many years. Also, a quiet VRF HVAC system (as quiet as 19 dB) creates a much better learning environment for students.
VRF gives each patient individual control of their room temperature. Central control ensures that air conditioning is only delivered to rooms that are occupied.
Each guest can have individual control of their room’s set temperature while providing the owner with the energy savings of the most efficient air conditioning system. Quiet indoor units provide guests with the best guest experience. 
Office Buildings
VRF provides a comfortable work environment for all employees. Zoning ensures that energy is only used to cool/heat occupied offices. Quiet indoor units and precise temperature control creates the most comfortable and productive work environment.
Multi-Tenant Dwellings
VRF improves the quality of multi-tenant buildings while reducing tenant complaints. High quality VRF systems let owners save on energy costs and reduced maintenance costs. With VRF, each tenant has individual control over the temperature setting for the comfort of their home.

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